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Mikrotik CCR1036 Review

Mikrotik CCR1036 router board is that carrier-grade router that includes the cutting edge of Tilera core CPU worth 36. It contains excellent performance and unprecedented power which enables it to support through the put about packets worth 24 million in a second, or even till 16 gigabits when it has a full wire speed.   Its cloud core router has got a rack mount case of 1U, twelve Ethernet gigabits ports, four SFP ports, the USB port, and also the serial console. It has several configuration options given access by the traffic graphs, the touchscreen color which displays the status of the devices.

It contains two slots for SODMM together with the shipped 4G RAM and can accept as well as utilize till 16GB and above despite it not having the memory limit at the RouterOS. It also has a 1U power supply which is mounted on the rack case. This cloud core router has a RouterOS that is known to be the entirely routing operating system that within the last one and half decade, it has always improved, and this is its feature.   Some of the features that the RouterOS supports include hotspot, dynamic routing, firewall, VPN, bonding and load balancing, advanced services quality, MPLS, monitoring, and the real-time configuration.  

The modern networking always considers speed as the main item in the core cloud routers. When there is slow browsing or transfer, then the company’s progress will be affected. It is why most digitalized companies have their focus, which includes introducing new brands of gadgets to their clients, which are faster than the previous devices according to their speed. As for the Mikrotik CCR1036 cloud core router, it is available in the current market due to the most amazing features it contains which make it very unique as compared to the others. The router has got ten links of gigabits, which is very special and only available in the new device being produced after the other.  

The Best Performance of Mikrotik Cloud Core Router

 It has got so many performances which are due to the advanced technology added by the companies to make it the best final device compilation. It always improves its best features time after time, which makes the clients feel satisfied with the new practice of the current routers. The Mikrotik CCR1036 has currently some unique features like 10G ports interface supports and two SFP which are separately available. The router also contains 36 Tilera core CPU that makes it be easily used during work, and it finally delivers the worth performance. 

Mikrotik CCR1036 Rack Mounting

It has a 1U rack-mounting case which has got the device that will make it clean and also neat, and it will be the best and easy to can thoroughly blend with the decor of your home or office without people realizing it due to the two ports it contains. This Mikrotik CCR1036 device has the optimum state of performance that has a consolable serial cable, the USB port and the eight Ethernet gigabit ports. The gadget is made with a higher-end technology, which is the reliable one for the business network, and this makes it readily available and purchased in the market.  

Mikrotik CCR1036-8G-2S+ Power Capacity

The Mikrotik CCR1036 has two SODIMM slots, and this means that it is the more significant memory which might suffice your work to the extended sort. Its new device also contains unlimited memory available in the RouterOS. The new device is also capable of working with above 16GB, and its e-model van be found in 16GB RAM. So, you come up with a very efficient office network, then you must secure yourself this cloud core router. The router can be affordable with the expected price and also the practical one mostly when since it is capable of supporting both the SFP with 10G module and the SFP with 1.25G module. 

Core Features of Mikrotik CCR1036
  • Can have a throughput of about 16Gbits
  • Has a standard forwarding of 8mpps
  • Its fast-forwarding can reach a maximum of 24 Mbps
  • Its co9re networking CPU is 36
  • Its Total on the chip cache is 12 megabytes
  • Its ports are automatically connected onto the CPU
  • It has a rack-mounted case of 1U
  • It contains the LCD color touchscreen
Mikrotik CCR1036 Product Specifications
  • Has got gigabits
  • It contains two DDR SODIMM memory slots which are installed already
  • Has the PoE
  • Contains USB type A full size
  • Has zero MiniPCI
  • Its RouterOS license is level 6
  • It has the operating system of RouterOS V6
  • Its maximum ambient temperature is between 50 degrees to 70 degrees core frequency of the CPU
  • It contains the maximum power consumptions which are 60W
  • It has the board dimensions of 355mm by 145mm by 55mm which is abbreviated as (2.2” by 5.7” by 14”) Mikrotik CCR1036Products
  • It contains the cloud core router with the LCD rack mounted case
  • It has a power cable
  • It has the PSU

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