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Kernel Failure in previous boot (Solved)

Recently I faced “Kernel Failure in previous boot” in my Mikrotik 1072 Cloud core Router

I suffered 4 days and take some steps consist with 3 part.After 3rd part I am getting problem solved

First Day Steps:

Rebooted with showing Massage “Kernel Failure in previous boot”. After 1st reboot, again it rebooted every 4 hours

Taken Action:

After taking those action routers Was not rebooted for next
24 hours

2nd Day Steps:

Rebooted on 7.56 am then rebooted 12.00 Pm (apx) Then rebooted
4.00 pm (Apx)

Taken Action:

After That router was rebooted 3.56 am (12 hours later)

3rd Day Steps:​

Then its Confirmed that taking reboot in every 4 hour(apx)

Common time 8 am

Taken Action

After Those Action I am not getting any “Kernel Failure in
previous boot” Reboot

My problem is Solved

 Suggestion  :Please remove (extra hardware )* From mikrotik and delete (everythings)** from files



*1G SFT Used in 10G port,10G Port negotiated manually in 1G .

**There can be scripts to reboot in every 4 hours.”Kernel Failure in previous boot” maybe fake massage



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